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We have captive bred Sulcata tortoises in a variety of sizes for sale at incredibly low prices. The third largest tortoise in the world, this African reptile.

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Sulcata Tortoise for Sale – The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sulcata Tortoise: Your Long-Term Reptile Companion

Sulcata Tortoise for Sale – Sulcata tortoises, majestic creatures of the African savanna, have become increasingly popular in the pet trade. Known for their gentle nature and impressive longevity, these reptiles can provide decades of companionship. This comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about sulcata tortoises for sale, ensuring you make an informed and responsible decision as a prospective tortoise owner.

What is a Sulcata Tortoise?

The sulcata tortoise (Centrochelys sulcata), commonly referred to as the African spurred tortoise, is a species that originates from the arid regions of the Sahara Desert. With their distinct high-domed shell, these tortoises are easily recognizable and are renowned for being the third-largest species of tortoise in the world.

Key Features of the Sulcata Tortoise for sale

This Sulcata tortoise for sale boast several unique features that potential pet owners should be aware of:

  • Size: An adult sulcata can weigh anywhere between 80 to 100 pounds, with a shell length of up to 18 inches. Their large size is a significant consideration for anyone looking to adopt one, as they require ample space to thrive.
  • Lifespan: One of the most remarkable aspects of sulcata tortoises is their lifespan; with proper care, they can live for 70 years or more. This longevity means owning a sulcata tortoise is a long-term commitment.
  • Shell Characteristics: Their shells are not only an iconic feature but also serve as a protective barrier. Age brings a thicker and bumpier texture to their shell, illustrating the tortoise’s longevity and resilience.
  • Dietary Habits: Sulcata tortoises are herbivores that thrive on a diet consisting mainly of grasses and leafy greens. Their diet is low in protein and fats, which is crucial to prevent health issues such as shell deformities and liver problems.
  • Behavioral Traits: These tortoises are known for their digging behavior, often creating burrows to regulate body temperature and humidity. This natural inclination requires an enclosure that can accommodate their burrowing needs without risking collapse or escape.

Owners must be prepared for the reality of caring for such a sizable and long-lived pet. The Tortoise Trust offers detailed information on the natural history and behavior of sulcata tortoises, which can help potential owners understand what to expect.


Sulcata Tortoise for Sale

Here is the image of a cute baby sulcata tortoise in its well-structured indoor enclosure, complete with a warm sandy substrate, a small dish of fresh water, and some green leafy vegetables. The gentle heat lamp casting a warm glow and the hideout structure in the background create a warm and safe atmosphere, highlighting the proper care environment for a baby sulcata tortoise.




Reasons to Choose a Sulcata Tortoise for sale as a Pet

Despite the challenges, many people are drawn to sulcata tortoises for their endearing qualities. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider a sulcata tortoise as your next pet:

  • Lifelong Companionship: If you’re looking for a pet that will be part of your family for generations, a sulcata tortoise is an excellent choice. Their long lifespan means they can be a constant in your life for many years.
  • Allergy-Friendly: Sulcata tortoises are a perfect match for allergy sufferers since they don’t have fur or feathers that could trigger allergic reactions.
  • Distinct Personality: Like any pet, sulcata tortoises have their own individual personalities. They can be curious, personable, and even affectionate in their way, providing a unique bond with their owners.

Owning a sulcata tortoise is not just about providing care; it’s about forming a relationship with a remarkable animal that has its own set of quirks and charms.

Pre-Purchase Considerations for Potential Sulcata Tortoise Owners

Before you start looking for “sulcata tortoise for sale near me,” it’s critical to evaluate whether you can meet the needs of these special pets. Sulcata tortoises are not the right choice for everyone, and their care requires specific conditions to ensure their health and happiness.

Space Requirements

When considering a sulcata tortoise for your home, space is one of the most important factors. These are large creatures that can grow to be very substantial in size, requiring an outdoor enclosure that can accommodate their need to roam, forage, and dig. A small tank or enclosure is not suitable for an adult sulcata tortoise. The enclosure should be secure to protect the tortoise from predators and prevent escape.

Climate Considerations

Sulcata tortoises are adapted to live in hot, arid environments. They require a warm climate with plenty of sunshine. If you live in a region with cooler temperatures, you will need to provide heated indoor housing during the colder months. Heating elements, such as ceramic heaters or basking lamps, will be necessary to maintain an appropriate temperature gradient within their living space.

Diet and Nutrition

A proper diet is vital for the health of a sulcata tortoise. They require a high-fiber, low-protein, and low-fat diet. Grasses, hay, and leafy greens should make up the bulk of their intake. Providing a variety of foods, along with calcium and vitamin supplements, is essential for preventing nutritional deficiencies. Avoid feeding them with fruits and other sugary foods, as these can cause digestive problems and shell abnormalities.

Veterinary Care

Access to a veterinarian with experience in reptile care is essential for the health of your sulcata tortoise. Regular check-ups can help identify and treat potential health issues early. It’s also crucial to have a vet who can provide guidance on proper care and diet.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of keeping a sulcata tortoise goes beyond the initial purchase price. You’ll need to budget for a proper enclosure, heating and lighting equipment, food, supplements, and veterinary care. Over the long lifespan of a sulcata tortoise, these costs can add up significantly. It’s important to consider whether you’re financially prepared for this commitment.


sulcata tortoise's diet

Here is the image showcasing a colorful and organized assortment of foods suitable for a sulcata tortoise’s diet.

Where to Find Sulcata Tortoise for Sale

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to welcome a sulcata tortoise into your home, the next step is finding the right place to purchase one. There are several avenues you can explore, each with its advantages and potential drawbacks.

Pet Stores

Pet stores can be convenient locations to find sulcata tortoises for sale. However, it is important to research the store’s reputation and the health of their animals. Be wary of stores that do not provide specific information about the origin of their tortoises or seem to have poor care standards.

Reputable Breeders

Buying from a reputable breeder is often the safest bet. They can provide healthy, well-cared-for tortoises, and offer a wealth of knowledge and support on how to care for them. Breeders can also provide details about the tortoise’s lineage, which is important for understanding its potential size and health.

Online Marketplaces

Websites and online forums may have listings for “sulcata tortoise for sale Craigslist” or similar. While these platforms can offer good deals, they also come with risks. It’s essential to thoroughly vet any seller, ask for pictures and health records, and preferably, see the tortoise in person before committing to a purchase.

Rescue Centers

Rescue centers and sanctuaries often have sulcata tortoises that need new homes. Adopting from a rescue is a wonderful way to provide a tortoise with a second chance at a happy life. These centers can also be valuable sources of information on how to care for a rescued tortoise.

Expos and Shows

Reptile expos and shows are excellent places to meet multiple breeders and vendors, see a variety of sulcata tortoises, and learn more about them from experts. It’s also an opportunity to compare prices and tortoises from different sources in one place.


Choosing the Right Sulcata Tortoise for sale

Seeing a list of sulcata tortoises for sale can be exciting, but it’s important to select the right individual for your situation. Tortoises vary in age, size, health, and even personality, and these factors can greatly influence your experience as a tortoise owner.

Babies and Juveniles

When considering a baby sulcata tortoise for sale, be prepared for a lot of growth and a need for close monitoring. While they can be easier to accommodate due to their smaller size initially, they require careful attention to their environmental conditions to avoid health problems.

  • Young tortoises need a controlled environment to ensure they are warm enough and maintaining proper humidity levels.
  • Juveniles are more susceptible to dehydration and nutritional deficiencies, which can lead to rapid health declines if not addressed.

It’s crucial to provide baby and juvenile sulcatas with a diet rich in calcium for shell and bone development, and to monitor their growth regularly.



Adult sulcata tortoises for sale can be an excellent choice for those looking for a more robust and less demanding pet. These larger tortoises have established personalities and are generally hardier than their younger counterparts.

  • Adults will require more space to accommodate their size and a diet tailored to their needs.
  • They often show less growth-related health issues but still need a balanced diet and proper husbandry.

When looking at adult sulcatas, inquire about their history, such as previous living conditions and health records, to ensure you can continue providing them with a good quality of life.

Special Considerations for Morphs

Unique variations like the albino sulcata tortoise for sale or ivory sulcata tortoise for sale can be fascinating and attractive options. However, these morphs might command higher prices and may have special care requirements due to their rarity and potential sensitivity to sunlight.

  • Be sure to research any additional care considerations for these unique morphs.
  • Because of their rarity, you may need to be placed on a waiting list or travel farther to find a reputable breeder.

Regardless of the age or type of african sulcata tortoise for sale, it’s critical to prepare their habitat in advance, ensuring that everything is ready for their arrival. The Tortoise Table is an excellent resource for understanding dietary needs and creating an appropriate menu for your new pet.


albino sulcata tortoise for sale or ivory sulcata tortoise

Here is the image illustrating a side-by-side comparison of a regular sulcata tortoise and an albino morph





Sulcata tortoises are not just any pet; they are a commitment to a long-term relationship with a fascinating and complex creature. Before embarking on the journey of sulcata tortoise ownership, ensure you are ready for the commitment in terms of time, space, finances, and care. With the right preparation and ongoing dedication, you can provide a loving and suitable home for these remarkable animals.

By being a responsible and informed owner, you will enjoy the rewarding experience of watching your sulcata tortoise grow and thrive under your care. Their unique personalities and impressive presence make them more than just pets—they become true members of the family.

If you’re interested in exploring other aspects of reptile care or seeking additional resources on exotic pets, feel free to check out our other articles on reptile husbandry.

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Remember, owning a sulcata tortoise is a major decision, but with the right knowledge and resources, it’s one that can bring immense joy to your life.


 indoor and outdoor enclosure setups for sulcata tortoises.

Here is the detailed diagram showing the ideal indoor and outdoor enclosure setups for sulcata tortoises. The diagram includes the temperature gradient, basking areas, hiding spots, as well as locations for food and water, and substrate recommendations. For the indoor enclosure, it depicts a heat lamp, a basking spot, and a hiding area. The outdoor enclosure illustration shows a sunning area, shaded spaces, and secure fencing. This educational and informative diagram is designed to help owners understand the essential components of a sulcata tortoise habitat.


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